Superior Physical Strength
TOP+ TMT exhibit consistent superior and high ductility with much higher limits than specified in British Standard which ensure superior structures.

Controlled Chemical Composition
TOP+ TMT Re-Bars are hot rolled from M.S. Steel Billets which have uniform chemical compositions like low carbon content and high manganese content.

High Bond Strength
TOP+ TMT Re-Bars have more prominent ribs and thus have higher AR values up to 100-150% higher than traditional CTD bars or other TMT Re-Bars.

Superior Bendability
TOP+ TMT RE-BARS are manufactured by the advanced TMT Process, which results in a tough outer surface and a soft core. This provides the Re- Bars good bendability and workability.

Excellent Weldability
TOP+ TMT Re-Bars have low carbon content, are highly weldable, in comparison to ordinary Re-Bars and require no pre or post welding treatment.

High Dimension Tolerance
TOP+ TMT Re-Bars have section weights very close to the nominal values specified in BS/IS code. This ensures higher meterage per unit weight of Re-Bars as compared to ordinary Re-bars.

Seismic Resistance
TOP+ TMT Re-Bars support seismic design due to its unique combination of strength, ductility and stress ratio.

Fire Resistance
TOP+ TMT Re-Bars Suffers no loss of strength even at temp as high as 6000C.

Unique Corrosion Resistance
TOP+ TMT Re-Bars are free from internal stress, which result in superior corrosion resistant characteristics compared to the traditionally cold-twisted bars and the other TMT Re-Bars.

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